Corporate Safety

Power Services has created a culture of safety and safety awareness among all employees. We strive to maintain an injury-free workplace. In 1989, Power Services was one of the first electrical firms in the Washington DC marketplace to have a written corporate safety policy in place. This policy includes mandatory pre-employment and post-accident drug testing, which greatly reduces on-sight accidents and has now become standard in the construction industry.

Power Services has always been dedicated to providing safety information, safety training and continuing education to its employees. Most of our foreman have completed the 30-hour OSHA training, and we provide periodic training to keep them knowledgeable and up to date on all aspects of safety. We provide training to employees focusing on specific hazards such as confined space safety and fall protection.

Through weekly tool box safety meetings, employees are kept up to date on the latest safety procedures and techniques to avoid job site hazards. All of these things, with others not mentioned, reinforces the importance of safety to all employees.

Safety extends beyond the jobsite. We require all of our employees that operate company vehicles to have a good driving record. Our fleet of delivery and service vehicles are equipped with GPS monitors that track maintenance, repairs and vehicle speed. Vehicle inspections are performed routinely to ensure they are kept in good operating condition.