Power Services is among the area’s leaders in constructing, renovating and expanding higher educational facilities.  Our team members combine experience with innovative solutions to meet today’s demands of colleges and universities.  Issues like changing technology, sustainability, and interdisciplinary learning are driving the design and use of the infrastructure on college campuses. With our comprehensive quality control plan and participation in project mock-ups, we always meet the project’s demand for craftsmanship and quality.

Our experience also extends to federally funded institutions like NIH and the FDA, as well as private facilities in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and manufacturing sectors.  Power Services has the proven track record to perform renovations and remodeling of operational facilities as different areas and spaces are re-purposed.  We have experience working in BSL bio-containment facilities and research labs.  Our Service Division of certified technicians can perform any repairs, improvements, testing and preventative maintenance of all systems, and are available 24/7 for emergency service.